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CPUSER is one of the pioneers in Taiwan’s digital revolution during the 1980s. For more than 30 years, our company has provided our customers with the most reliable and top-quality computer connectivity solutions including cables, connectors and other computer peripherals.  With the addition of our R&D team in 2012, CPUSER has the ability to mass produce a customer’s concept as an OEM, or provide customized designs based on our customer’s concept as an ODM.  We excel at providing both high-volume products as well as high-complexity lower-volume products.

Year of Establishment: 1989

Capital: US$7.6M

Revenue: US$50M(In Y2017)

Employee: 1500+


CPUSER always treats our clients with the utmost respect, and gives the best service possible.  Our sales team is always ready to give you useful and informative feedback on your innovative ideas and product inquiries.  Not only does CPUSER give our business partners the best possible price, but to work hand in hand on ODM products, with the belief “your baby is our baby”. 

Our Team


Our R&D team is always alerted to the newest technologies in the field of digital communication and computer technologies. We frequently collaborate with our business partners in developing modular interconnecting solutions based on the latest industry specifications.


CPUSER offers engineering and rapid prototyping services including manufacturing and customization of wire harnesses and cable assemblies, materials sourcing, engineering designs, prototype debugging and EMI controls, CPUSER turns our customer’s innovative ideas into reality.

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