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Component User Industry Company, Ltd
The headquarters is located at No. 380, Nanshang Road, Guishan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The company has factories in Shenzhen, Hunan, and other locations in China. Whether it is delivering goods to the mainland, Taiwan, or handling import and export goods, the company can meet all these needs.
Component User Industry Company, Ltd. (AKA CPUser), established since 1989, well known as a high-standard wire manufacturer. With the onset of technological innovations and industrial transformation in early 2007, we began cultivating our own R&D team. We are now successfully transformed into a “Solution Provider” that combines “professional R&D capabilities” and “stable supply quality.”
High-Tech Production Line
Since 2021, we are planning and setting up a manufacturing line for high-frequency, high-speed cable products. In addition to updating basic equipment and ISO9001 certification, we are actively developing products that align with the latest trends. Currently, CPUser are consistently supplying high-quality products like the PCIE Gen4 Riser Cable and other transmission cables, and we are planning to develop future market products such as PCIE Gen5.
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