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Length is doubled │USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C Cable up to 2m and signal is not attenuated


Type-C transmission line is extended for many applications, and the specification is not universal!!


Nowadays, VR devices, TVs, monitors, or projectors are separated from devices outside their mainframes, and their host platform specifications continue to increase. Digital games need to deliver higher quality images and audio and video, and the demand for 4K or even 8K visual performance continues to grow. Therefore, the need to transmit large amounts of video and game data over cable will continue.

However, in the definition of the association, the USB3.0 Gen2 specification has a length of 1m. When the Gen 2 passive transmission line is longer than 1m (3ft), it will be limited by the signal and speed attenuation. The technology is constantly changing, and the length of 1m cannot meet the need for longer transmission line application.

10Gbit/s drive line:longer length,no attenuation.

In order to expand the range of products that can be applied in the future, CPUser selected the most suitable signal amplification IC and E-Mark components conforming to the USB POWER Delivery 3.0 specification, and matched with the high-frequency analog design PCB. Control of high-speed transmission signals on the switch card to ensure that the USB3.2 Gen2 Type-C active transmission line can be longer than the normal Gen2 passive transmission line or even up to 2m (Maximum)

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The actual test meets the association standards and provides a stable and safe transmission rate and voltage

After many tests such as voltage, noise, interference, compatibility, transmission speed, etc., the products developed by the CPUser team not only conform to the USB-IF Association norm, but also comply with the USB Power Delivery 3.0 specification, which is safer, more widely used in various products.

Test of actual transmission speed of Gen2 cable
Compatibility test(Appale Mac)
Maximum Watts of power can be 60W supported
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